How Do You Manage Garbage Bins?

What to Consider When Hiring a Skip Bin for Your Next Office Cleanup

When you're renovating your office, moving to a new location or simply tidying things up, chances are you will have a lot of rubbish to get rid of. When removing garbage from your office, you need a service that is flexible, cost-effective and reliable when you need it most. Skip bin companies that specialise in office waste can make your project much easier to complete.

Because you'll be dealing with waste in the form of paper, old appliances, cardboard, etc., you need skip bins that are suited for that type of waste and companies that provide multiple service options. Here's what you should consider before selecting a particular skip bin company for your office cleanup.

Search for a local service

If you're simply renovating your office or moving to a nearby location, it's often more convenient to deal with a local skip bin company that specialises in office waste. Such hiring companies are more familiar with the needs of your business and can offer skips of the right sizes as well as hiring periods that work with your schedule.

Consider pricing for multiple skip bins

If you have a lot of waste to get rid of, you may need more than one skip at a time. This may also come in handy when dealing with multiple office locations at the same time. When looking to hire skip bins, consider the price per skip if you expect to hire multiple bins at once.

Timely delivery and pickup is important

When renovating or moving office locations, timing is everything. Your business can only be down for a certain amount of time before operational costs pile up. As a result, your skip bin hire will need to be reliable in terms of delivery of the skip and pickup of waste once it's full.

If delivery or pickup is delayed, your business may remain with waste on its premises, which can delay the movement/renovation process.

Have multiple size options for you to choose from

Size flexibility will also be important for your skip bins. You may hire a 1m3 skip, only to realise that it's too small and you actually need a bigger skip. You hiring company should be flexible enough to allow you to change skip bin sizes on short notice. This will reduce the cost of hiring multiple skip bins in the event that your original reservation was for an undersized bin.

Look for flexible hiring periods

No office renovation/relocation will happen without unexpected inconveniences. You may end up taking too long to fill the skip, or you may need the bin removed from your premises sooner than expected. Flexible hiring periods will allow you to enjoy the freedom of being responsive at a moment's notice.